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280 products in stock! Where else can an immediate delivery capability without waiting for the next production campaign of the manufacturer be found? We buy large quantities and afford ourselves a warehouse. That's customer service.



Catalysis is everywhere. Catalysts are used in almost all industrial processes - this is little known. We know more than 90 processes and many plants in detail and know about operating conditions, service life and efficiency as well as material exchange. Our experts provide valuable advice thanks to their experience and knowledge data base. That's a great benefit for customers.



28 years of insider knowledge. Catalyst manufacturers prefer to supply large plants - who cares about the many specialized processes besides petrochemistry, power plants or plastics manufacturing? C&CS advises independently and individually and delivers exactly what plant operators need. Even small plants need individual solutions!





Hydrogen is the future! Hydrogen is needed for CO2-free mobility, for chemistry and metallurgy as well as for the production of inert gases.





Syngas, or synthesis gas, refers to a gas mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen with a wide variety of industrial applications.



Protective gases

Protective gases prevent undesirable oxidation such as scaling or tarnish in high temperature metal processing operations such as hardening, sintering, welding, brazing. 




Environmental catalysis. Emissions to the environment from engines, turbines, chemicals and industry are undesirable because they release nitrogen oxides NOx, carbon monoxide CO, soot, odors, solvents. In order to meet the legal requirements, highly specialized catalysts are used.




Purification of gases. To remove unwanted admixtures in gases - such as water, oxygen, carbon monoxide, oils - you use functional materials that absorb, adsorb or react.



Heat treatment

Heat treatment is the generic term for hardening, sintering, descaling, solution and soft annealing and brazing for metallic components in furnaces at many hundred °C. C&CS supplies catalysts and reactors for the production of furnace atmospheres 



Analytics and catalysis


For questions concerning the deactivation of catalysts, C&CS offers the customer in cooperation with the GWP Gesellschaft für Werkstoffprüfung mbH (www.gwp.eu) to perform appropriate analyses (e.g. determination of the S-content, mechanical strength).

Engineering & reactor vessel design

C&CS has a broad experience about industrial processes in the use of catalysts and sorbents and, on special request, C&CS  lays out for you the necessary amount of catalysts and sorbents.

Recycling of used catalysts

Noble metal containing catalysts are a recyclable material. The noble metals can be separated from the ceramic support and recovered.

Filling services

C&CS sells catalysts and adsorbents in the range from 10 kg to several tonnes. In this range all required customized order amounts can be delivered appropriately, if applicable, also by its filling service from orginal packing units (metal drums, sacks).

Knowledge data base
Heterogeneous catalysis

For 30 years we have been engaged in applied heterogeneous catalysis for industry. During this time, we have gathered know-how that knows the underlying theoretical reactions, including the catalyst world, the individual processes being operated in practice and the overall plants.



Modern, computer-controlled filling with powerful suction and calibrated scales allows us to efficiently mix even the most difficult products according to the applicable legal requirements.

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