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Exhaust air treatment

Taking benefit from the cooperation with Clariant C&CS is capable to deliver the complete portfolio of oxdiation catalysts for environmental purposes. Our experts advice you with all necessary information for a reliable and sustainable solution for your emission issues. Depending on application and requirements bulk catalysts as well as oxidation catalysts on ceramic or metal substrate can be delivered. Due to the large storage capacities of C&CS most of the standard oxidation catalyst types are available at stock ready for a short-term delivery within a few days.

No matter what type of catalyst is chosen - compliance with legal requirements e. g. acc. to German TA-Luft is always guarateed.

Information on the current status of the discussion on the revision of TA-Luft can be found here.

Presentation exhaust air and gas treatment

For the adsorptive removal of odors from gas streams, C&CS offers a variety of products, such as the activated carbon-based products C&CS #631 and C&CS #643. For the removal of H2S and mercaptans the special activated carbon C&CS #868 has proven itself. In addition, H2S and HCl can be removed in dry gases with ActiSorb S2 or ActiSorb CL2 products. C&CS will be pleased to assist you in your specific application by selecting the right adsorbent and configuring the required quantity.