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Fuel Cell

C&CS offers CLARIANT precious metal and mixed oxide catalysts and adsorbents. They are available as shaped articles such as pellets, tablets, extrudates or washcoat monoliths. Clariant's portfolio of materials for fuel cell technology includes:

  • the HyProgen GS series and the ReforMax series for reforming
  • the HyProgen GS series and the ActiSorb series for the raw material cleaning
  • the HyProgen S series and the ShiftMax series for the water gas shift reaction
  • the HyProgen M series for the CO cleaning the HyProgen CB series and
  • the EnviCat exhaust gas burning series

C & CS specializes in desulfurization with HyProgen GS grades and ActiSorb, as well as in catalytic waste gas combustion with EnviCat.