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Filling services and socking

Transfer & picking. C&CS distributes catalysts and sorbents in quantities ranging from a few kilograms to tens of tons. In this area, all order quantities requested by the customer can be delivered by hand from the original containers (barrels, big bags or sacks), ie they can be re-labeled. For special requests, depending on the type of product, quantities of <10 kg can be put into small containers.

A modern, computer-controlled filling with powerful suction and calibrated scales enables us to handle even difficult products. Whether transferring, loosening, grinding, sieving, packaging or the preparation of intermediates: All steps are of course always carried out according to the applicable legal requirements. Our new dosing unit portions solids in powder and pellet form in the range between 100 - 5000 g.


Socking and sock loading. Loading by socked catalysts is a process where the catalyst is packaged into specially-designed long polyethylene bags with a bottom flap and top hooking loop. The loading is accomplished by lowering the socks into the tube so that the bottom of the sock is within 50 cm of the bottom or catalyst that is already loaded.

The device holding the bottom of the sock closed (e.g. a suitable adhesive tape) while the sock is being lowered into the tube is then tripped to release the catalyst and the empty polyethylene bag is withdrawn from the tube. The tube should be vibrated after each bag. Outages should be measured periodically; ideally after each sock. Outage measurements allow the loading crew to see the effect of the vibration and immediately spot any bridging of the catalyst (these by-passes may destroy the tube). Loading, vibration and measurements continue until the tubes are filled to the design level. The variation of outage from tube to tube should not be greater than 25-40 cm. Top off all tubes to the desired outage.